Earth’s significance is covered by Indian Ocean, one of the seas on Earth is covering the area of South Asian sub-continent. Earth can be seen as a blue planet to the space thanks to Indian Earth as it covers a vast range of Earth. Here are 07 facts that you might find interesting about Indian Ocean.

It covers 20% of Earth

Indian Ocean is taking good care of earth by covering 20% of the total surface. That is a huge value when considering it with other oceans and you should remember that number is among all the land surfaces as well.. There are mountains, rivers, plans, and many features under the ocean. It has been counted that a surface of 292,131,000 cubic kilometers are covered by Indian Ocean. Average depth of covering has been measured as 3800m.

 Several continents in its margin

Indian Ocean has got a huge margin for its belonging. There are several lands and islands in its possession. 57 islands groups, 18 Asian countries, and 16 African countries and are covered by Indian Ocean. It has got its strings until Australia, Antarctica, and Africa which means a wider coverage. There are most valuable ports connected by the Indian Ocean.

Deepest place

The deepest point of the Indian Ocean is situated near Java islands. That place is 7,258 m deep. The Java trench is considered as the highest point in the sea which belongs to Indian Ocean.

Less Bio-Diversity

Another thing you need to know of Indian Ocean is the less marine life than other oceans in the world. When comparing with other oceans, not only animal species but floral species are less. Main reason for this is considered as the high temperature in the Indian Ocean. As Indian Ocean is exposed to the sun by a huge margin, temperature has been higher than other oceans in the world. There are fewer species of common fish like dolphins and whales. Also there are fewer species of sharks as well.

Tsunamis are common

Even though 2004 tsunami incident was the last recognized sea flooding incident, there have been many incidents like that before. Many folk tales in South east countries state that sea water level has gone back toward the sea and come back with a higher speeds. These sea waves have taken thousands of lives as well. Sri Lankan history related stories depict that there has been a loss of a king due to a historical Tsunami incident.

Tectonic Plate Boundaries

One of the reasons for earthquakes and Tsunami incidents is Tectonic Plate Boundaries located under Indian Ocean. Those plates collide at sometimes and they cause frequent natural disasters like Tsunami and earthquakes. Most recent incidents can be mentioned as 2004 tsunami and similar incidents occurred due to the collision of Indo-Australian plates. In addition there are several plates similar to this.

Another Underwater Continent

Another continent has been found in Indian Ocean under its waters. Its name is Kerguelen Plateau. It is believed that continent has been created as a reaction of a volcanic series.


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