In the past people used to travel on their feet and that method has turned out to be into many ways. Now people have the liberty to use airways as well. Planes have adapted many sources to their wills and the technology is being developed day by day. Here are 10 amazing factors you love to know about airbus.

It is not the biggest

Though people have a belief that airbus is the largest man-made thing in air, it is not. Because they have a competition with Anatanov and that party could win the contest by having the largest plane in air.  An-225 was the one won the contest.


It is said that the wiring has been an amazing thing to discuss on airbus series. Even though it is about an electrical engineer, it might take up to months to have a better understanding about the electrical system. If you are wondering how much to know, the length of it is about 320km.

Most orders

Though how much bigger the Antanov series, airbus has already touched the hearts of all levels. Airbus series has received $72.2 billion worth orders from the aviation authorities around the world because its attractive features. It is a record as well.


Though the airbus has not been the largest one with wings, it is considered as the largest civil aircraft on Earth. It weighs 560tons with a length of 72m from front to back. There are 200 windows for the passengers and the crew to look at the clouds from the sky. It is said that 6000 engineers have worked on this project.

Airbus Defense

There is a defense department inside the Airbus Company that do researches and tests for defense purposes. They are planning to produce a new supersonic jet for defense purposes. Aerion AS2, supersonic jet to be produced will be released in 2021.

The first flight

Singapore Airlines was the first one to call for an order for a super-giant passenger plane. They had their order from airbus and that flight was scheduled from Singapore to Sydney. There were 450 passengers in that flight. It was a memorable moment for Sydney airport as well. They had to expend $128 to improve the infrastructure in the airport. Special air bridges had to be created because of the highest figures of this jumbo jet.

Not so common

It was a thing that all the airports around the world needed to be aware after the Sydney incident, not having enough resources to land this giant bird on their runways.  Some of the authorities identified the necessity of a large runway as a future investment. So, now there are 20 runways and the relevant infrastructure for landing an A380 in their airport runways.

Life time

There is a particular lifetime for any good in the world.  140,000+ fly hour range has been guaranteed for this giant bird which means it can have 2000 flights all around the world. That means a huge value when comparing with other related brand in the world.


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