What is Airplane Mode?

If you have not yet experienced flying experience, you may not have the opportunity to use this feature in your smartphone. But if you have experienced flying, you must have used this feature. But we also use it for other small tasks.

What exactly is this Airplane mode?

This mode turns off the wireless functions of our smart phone. This mode is able to disconnect Cellular Voice, Data Connection and temporarily disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

This feature is designed for use during flight. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has stated that this is mandatory to prevent flight disruption caused by telephone waves. Therefore, turning on this mode is an airline rule.

Apple has briefly said that this feature should be enabled by the user due to “comply with airline regulations”. What can be done in Airplane mode

In this case we will not be able to use the Call & Messages facility as our cellular networks will be blocked.

But we all know that you can turn on Wi-Fi even if you turn on Airplane Mode. But before a flight before 2013, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection could not be used.

After 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will allow us to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

But our aircraft has a Wi-Fi connection and now we can use the internet. You can also use our Bluetooth devices. Another important feature of Airplane Mode is that it reduces the battery life of our phone and when this mode is turned on, our battery also charges quickly.

Also, this mode is useful even when we allow our phone to be used by a small child. ‌‌ Come on, this feature also helps to prevent unwanted calls when we play like a game.

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