Google introduces new filters to detect malicious Android apps

When you search for the Android app you want in the Play Store, it shows a large number of apps that do the same thing. But you also have a problem with how to identify the best app that is not harmful from this Android app and can do what they want, right?

Google has come up with a new plan to solve this problem. Google has begun to develop a higher level of filters to quickly sort out this mind-boggling collection of apps that show you when using the Google play store and make it easier for the user to choose the app they want.

Threats of malicious Android apps have doubled since last year.

These new search filters categorize apps according to the following factors.

Ratings submitted by users who have already installed and used the app. Newly added apps to the Play Store. Premium apps. Apps with paid or In ap purchases to use Etc. These classifications occur.

However, these filters do not work on most popular and trusted apps. That is, apps like Whatsapp, Gmail, Facebook or Snapchat do not sort apps through these filters.

Once you start using these filters, the app you want will show up at the top of the search results. But when searching for a word like tool, these filters will escape and some suspicious apps will show up in your search results. But improvements to these filters will continue. Then you can see a better search result from the Play Store.

If you want you can do your search using several of these filters at once. That feature also allows you to find apps that have more than one rating. For example, if you only want to show apps that have more than 4.5 ratings, these filters make that task easier. But with these filters you will not be able to search only for apps that have no ads or are provided for free.

Filters of this type were tried in 2017, but were unsuccessful.

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