Let’s simply know the importance of Whatsapp two-step verification option

This is important for the security of WhatsApp in case you lose your phone or your sim. This is how if your sim gets in the hands of someone else, he can easily create a WhatsApp account for your SIM and download even your chat backups.

Here is the WhatsApp two step verification option that is important for us in this issue. With this option you can restore your WhatsApp account by using this pin number or email address if you have a pin number to your WhatsApp account or your email address and another device joins WhatsApp again from there.

Simply put, even if your sim gets into the hands of someone else, he will not be able to create a WhatsApp account for your number, because he will lose that opportunity because of the pin number and email address you added earlier.

Now let’s see how to add this option to your WhatsApp account. Give me a pin number you like, that pin number will be important to you in a situation like I said before, so it’s okay to write it down somewhere.

Right now, after giving the pin number, you will be asked for an email address, even if it is optional, you must give it because if you forget the pin number, you can restore the account through the email address, and one more thing, if you forget this pin number, you You can disable the two step verification option by sending an email to that email address.

Another thing is to ask for this pin once a week as a remedy for forgetting this pin. This reduces the ability to forget the pin.

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