Protect your YouTube Account!

Most people in the world are confined to their homes due to the covid-19 virus these days. Also, countries like the United States are being heavily affected by this virus. As a result, there are fewer people working for companies like Google.

Taking advantage of this, hackers are reported to be hacking many of the online accounts that people use on a daily basis these days, such as Google Accounts and other social media accounts.

Turn on 2-Step Verification

First of all, keep 2-Step Verification on for your Google Account, this will prevent any person from entering the account until you enter the code that comes to your phone trying to log in to your Google Account.

Create a Strong Password

Use a long password so that no one can easily find your password. It can pass anything like letters, numbers and symbols. If you use a long password like this, you will forget why you can even use lastpass

Set You Channel-level Permissions

You can invite other people to manage your YouTube channel without giving permission to log in to your Google Account. Be sure to apply only those you know well. If you create a YouTube Brand Account for this, it will be more secure.

Update Your Software

Keep your web browser, operating system, and other apps constantly updated. Also go to and find out if it is unnecessarily connected and remove it.

Also do not use crack software. Such things can cause various viruses to damage your devices. If possible, use a license virus guard.

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