Let’s create a strong password (Let’s protect online accounts – 01)

I decided to write a series of articles on how to protect your online accounts. Because one of the things that many of us often cry about is that my account has been hacked. What can we do to prevent such things from happening? So let’s start with the password.


Today I wanted to talk about passwords. So we know the story behind the password from the beginning.

Why do I need a password?

Many people say that we need a password to go to Facebook. But this is a much more complicated matter. This concept of password, which we came across when we started using the internet, is actually used to verify your identity. For example, if someone tries to log in to your Facebook account, you will not be able to log in because this password, or password, is not known to that person. Actually the concept of this password is a successful concept but in the present and in the future it will be a bit boring and boring.

Because technologies have already arrived to use easy things like fingerprints and faces instead of passwords. But it is difficult for us to get rid of the password concept right now. But we can use this password concept in a different way. Let’s see how.

Is your password strong?

What is this strong password story? As you may have noticed, when creating an account on a new website, there is a small bar that shows the strength of the password. If it is red then the password is weak, if yellow it is a good password and if it is green then it is strong.

What does this strong mean here? That is, the ability of a hacker, an artificial intelligence, or some powerful computer to guess your password. If your password is strong, it will take hundreds of thousands of years to guess, and if your password is weak, it will take minutes or hours to guess. In common usage, guessing a password in this way is called password cracking.

Okay, let’s see how strong your password is. But do not use your real password. Use a word or number similar to your password. For example, if you use a password for your birthday, try a friend’s birthday. The site I give below is owned by Kaspersky. This will allow you to see how strong your password is. You can also check the time it takes to crack your password.

Okay, so you see the work. But one more thing, this site shows you when your password is going to be cracked from a computer that you normally use at home or in the office. Keep in mind that hackers are using supernet computers that can do a lot of great calculations using computer networks called botnet!

How to create a strong password?

A strong password has several properties.

Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and leave blanks. Use of numbers and special symbols between letters. (@ # $% & – ones like this) Use at least 15 or more characters. Use of words with unpredictable meanings.

Here is a password with these qualities.


Now copy and paste the password on the Kaspersky site. how’s that?

But it’s hard to remember the strong passwords that boys create. How do we remember the malicious password above? The simplest thing to do is to use a password manager

Never use the same password for every site!

That is the mistake we have been making for a long time. The same password is given to Facebook, Google, Twitter and every account in the country and the world. It’s also a small, weak password. So, God, if someone finds the password of that account, it is as if all the other accounts have been hacked. Because hackers or anyone trying to log into your account will definitely know that we usually use the same password for every account.

So the devil will definitely go to other sites and try that password and see if it works. So if you used the same word as the password for everything, then it’s like dead.

The only solution to these problems is to use a password manager. So, let’s learn about Password Manager

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