Two-Factor Authentication (Let’s Protect Online Accounts – 03)

You’ve probably already seen this on Facebook or in your Google Account settings. Today I am going to teach you what this is. Although the topic of this post is Two-Factor Authentication, I will also explain about Three-Factor Authentication.

Three-Factor Authentication or three factor confirmation is here for these three factors.

Something you know

Something you have

Something you are

How the Two-Factor Authentication process works

When logging in to an online service or system, we usually log in with a username and password. But the concept of Two-Factor Authentication came about after realizing that the system was less secure. This is what happens in this case, when you try to log in to any system, even if you enter the username and password, the relevant system will not allow you to log in.

This means that after entering the username and password correctly, you will be asked for something else. You either have to enter a word or number that the system sends you via a text message to your mobile phone or smartwatch, or insert a code that is automatically generated by one of your mobile phone or Smart Watch’s Authentication App. Is happening.

Or you can press a special button on your mobile phone or smart watch to let the system know that you are trying to log in to the system. You can see that this is what you have to say.

Searching from the system

Does the person who is trying to log in with his username and password now have his phone? (something you have) Or does he have his smart watch? Says.

If the user enters that second code or presses the button then the system thinks, (Can’t really think, that’s how the programming is done)

Okay, so he knows the password, he has his phone, so this person may be trying to log in, not this thief.

This allows the user to access the system. But if for some reason the system

fails to indicate that the user has the phone, the user will not be able to log in even if he enters the correct password.

You know by now that this is safer. Because even if someone finds your password, they will never be able to log in to your account.

After reading this you have now understood the story of Three-Factor Authentication. That means passing the password and Two-Factor Authentication and then scanning your fingerprint or face shape or contact lens configuration. If not all three, but logged in.

But we are not yet advanced enough to implement this third factor. But now you know that there are cell phones that are unlocked by face shape and fingerprint. So in the future we will be able to see that Three-Factor Authentication is being used a lot.

But two-factor authentication, which is very successful and widely used today, is something we should already be using. When you learn about Two-Factor Authentication and start accessing accounts using it, the complaint that my account has been hacked will be much less.

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