With the release of Android 12, Google is set to make it easier to install third-party app stores

Android OS is a highly flexible mobile operating system and due to its free and flexible nature, many mobile phone lovers around the world are tempted to choose a mobile phone powered by the Android operating system as their smartphone.

With the Android operating system, Google has provided the Google Play Store as its own app store for most mobile phones. Huawei is not currently offering this to mobile phones due to US bans. Even though the Google Play Store is provided, unlike other mobile operating systems, we have the ability to install third-party app stores (such as the Aurora Store) on the Android operating system. Even now, there are many instances where some mobile phone manufacturers have added their own app store with this Google Play store.

Google is reportedly working to make it easier to install third-party app stores through the next Android update. Google has also stated that it is looking for solutions to potential security issues.

The main reason for this decision is due to a new policy introduced by Google to release apps from the Play Store. There, all developers are required to include Google’s billing system before September 30, 2021, for all in-app purchases made through the app they are developing.

Fortnite was recently removed from the Google Play Store due to a similar issue with billing and payments. But Google has said that even though there is no agreement between the developer and Google, the developer can still release their apps to the Android operating system.

Google is working to remove Fortnite from the Play Store, but Fortnite is still available through another third-party app store for Android.

Currently, even installing a third-party app store on Android 11 is a big hassle through the Android operating system. Google has stated that such interruptions and warnings are for the safety of the user. This is because the activities of the third party App Store are beyond the control of Google.

Google has not yet announced how it will increase support for the third-party app store via Android 12, but will continue to do so to further enhance existing security measures.

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