Facilities that are not available in WhatsApp but must be introduced05

WhatsApp is by far the most popular mobile messaging app in the world. It also exchanges over 100 billion messages a day via WhatsApp. Nowadays, Facebook is constantly updating this app to give users a better experience.

This includes the recently introduced Disappearing Messages Feature, Storage Management Tool, Advanced Wallpaper Feature, Face Unlock Feature and Restrict Message forwarding for Whatsapp Privacy.

01. Multiple Number Support

This is the main problem with Whatsapp. If we could use our Whatsapp account on multiple devices, it would be very useful for us. Also, if you can use multiple numbers in the same app on the same device, it will be very useful. At the moment we can see this feature in the Telegram App.

It is also learned that Facebook is currently working to provide this feature for Whatsapp.

02. Scheduled messages

The Scheduled messages feature is very important as a daily messaging app. This feature was introduced to Telegram some time ago. It allows you to send messages with a specific date and time. This allows us to send greetings at the right time when there is a problem. But it’s very sad if you do not pay attention to this feature yet.

However, there is currently no information regarding the provision of this feature and third-party apps have to be used for this purpose. But it cannot be approved.

03. Polls

It can be mentioned as an essential feature in group chat. Because if we do a poll in our group, it is not possible to do such a thing on Whatsapp at the moment. We can use this feature in Telegram and Threema Messaging Apps.

It will be very important for Whatsapp to get this feature in the future.

04.Note to Self

What if there is a way to keep a message sent to us by someone, a message we sent as a small note in Whatsapp itself? This is what Signal already has this feature. This allows you to keep important messages and links in your chat in one place within the app.

05. Message reactions

We can see this feature in apps like Discord and Slack. In Whatsapp we react to a message with a sticker or emoji. Instead, if you can react to the same message. Like the Like Button on Facebook. This means that with each message we are given a choice of reaction emojis so that we can respond to each message with an emoji instead of a sticker or emoji. This will be a very valuable feature for Group Chat.

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