Open source softwares are good things for so many reasons. Most importantly, you need to use few softwares for a particular reason. Being able to use for free, easy to find, and they are free of errors. Here are the best 10 open source softwares in 2019

Libre Office

This software is a better choice if you are looking for a free software. There are similar things that can be seen in MS word. Most importantly, you can have this open software run on Windows, Linux, and MAC OS freely. Also you have the freedom to use all the tools that can be seen in Word. Also you can save the files in different extensions that MS packages is using.


This is such a beauty in the internet that can be considered as an open source graphic designing software. All the tools are similar to the Adobe Photoshop and you can have a layer based interface for the ease of use.  This software can be used on different platforms like Linux, Windows, and MAC OS.  You will have a vast range of options to be used for editing. You will get color managing options as well.


This is also a better choice that can be downloaded for free. It is a common thing to have a regular time consuming process when starting the other similar softwares. As an example, it will take some time when loading MS Word. It has t load several files when arranging its interface. Unlike other regular softwares, Notepad++ is a simple software that can have a quick access to you. Most importantly, you can keep working on several files at the same time.

TestDisk & PhotoRec

This software can be operated on Linux, Windows, and MAC platforms. This is an open source software that can be used to recover the files you have deleted. Even though you have deleted the files intentionally or accidentally, you have to keep a proper software to get them back. TestDisk & PhotoRec is a good choice to you as it doesn’t require any premium membership or any other thing.

This software is an open source one that can run on Windows and MAC operating platforms. The most accurate open software to design 3D objects title can be given to this amazing guy. It has got a vast range of tools that can do a huge profect if you are hoping to do. There is a software called LEGO building software that can be used to build different objects using this If you build an object using this software, you can order them to your doorstep as well.


If you are looking for a software that has similar features to the Adobe Photoshop, this will be it. You can have different types of tools that can perform thousands of actions. This app has been credited as the best open source software to edit photos. A dark theme was introduced to this GIMP software which lifted the demand for this software. It is good to you to know that this software is a light one that doesn’t require so much memory to run. All you need to do is to download and work.


It is an open source software that has got several tools to create digrams in an instant. If you are looking for a software instead of drawing the diagrams from MS Word software, this will be a great choice. There are many shapes that can be used to create a 100% fulfilled design you want. Another thing about this amazing software is, being compatible for windows only. It means you cant even use this for your Linux and MAC OS platforms.


This is one of the best software that can be used to emulate the computer for gaming. Though there are several software in the market that can achieve the same thing, this is a good software that can be used with a nice interface. This one supports all 03 platforms as well.

Search Everything

You might know that windows search option is not working properly even in the last edition they have launched. Sometime you are going to need a software to find some files in a quick time. So, this open source software comes for your help.  First, your data base is taken to the search and then it goes for further steps.


This open source software is functional on all three platforms, Windows, Linux, and MAC OS.  You might have used several RAM boosting and Memory Cleaning softwares to clear the memory of your computer. But you might have experienced that those things always ask for a premium package at the end of the trial period. Unlike those softwares this BleachBit software can assist you for all the things related with the boosting.


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