There are lots of things to talk about the coming up year. So are the Robots. They have been a good topic to the mankind for many centuries. Here are the best 7 robots that can be seen in 2020. See, if they match with the things you had dreamed as a child.

 4M’s Tin can Robot

This is such a nice robot that can be gifted to your kid. All you need to power up this tiny robot is to provide a tin as his body. If your kid is a creative one who thinks of different things, this robot will attract him for sure. This will be a new beginning for the kids who think of recycling things and re-creating new things. A soft drink can acts as the robot’s body and it will impress your kids indeed.  Any knowledge is not required and the price is mentioned as below $10 which is extremely affordable. The robot has got eyes, hands and body parts as well.  This has to be powered with AA batteries which means you cannot charge and use this one.

Zoomer Dino

This is a friendly Dino for both kids and adults. Even though you are an adult, you will not be able to tame this monster unless you know the secret. It will understand many things if you make it tamed. It can sense the things you do, and respond to you as well. There are lots of things that can be done using your abilities. It will get angry if you touch by its tail. Also you can train it to dance, walk, and make many things as you wish. You need to have 3 AA batteries to keep it alive. Though the $155 price is a bit higher one, you will find lots of pleasure in it.

Meccano-Erector Meccanoid G15

This is such a companion for the kids. It has got a typical look from the outside. Though it has shaking, chattering, and old look, it is from 2020. This is not what you need not to forget. You can train this robot to understand and respond more than 1000 word phrases. That’s a huge number. Those phrases will make you understand the things that this tiny robot companion can do. The price is mentioned as $119 and that is a tolerable one for a parent. This robot has to be controlled using an app and it can be downloaded from the app stores for free.

WowWee – MiP the Toy Robot – White

This is such a cute robot that can be seen in year 2020. It has got so many features including its look. It has got a modern look. Unlike the shaking robots, the look of the robot is extremely pleasant to the eyes. It has got gesture sensors that has been installed to sense what you are doing and commanding it to do. Also, it has got a sound detect system to respond to your initial noises and it will respond to them as it has been well trained. App control options will widen your experience.

Special Edition Battle-Worn BB-8 by Sphero with Force Band

This is such a nice toy that can be purchased from Amazon. You have to download and connect the free app to have a proper experience. Also, this special edition will make you impress if you are a star wars fan. One other thing you should remember it can perform is the ability to connect through Bluetooth. If you are away from this guy, you will be able to control him using Bluetooth for a range of 30 meters. This belongs to below $200 price range.

Elenco Teach Tech SolarBot.14, Transforming Solar Robot Kit, STEM Learning Toys for Kids 10+

This tiny guy has got a look like a robot produced by the NASA. If your kid is interested in playing with astronauts, planets, sun, and astronomy stuff, this robot will definitely impress him. This one is a totally solar powered robot which means it’s an ecofriendly robot.  !4 separate robots can be produced using the kit. It means your kid’s creativity level can be improved with this robot.  It is way below the expensive price range. It can be purchased from Amazon for just $20.


This is one of the best robots as a toy. Because, it has got so many relationships with the LEGO, this will be just a latest step for the LEGO. Your kid will love to have this robot as it can be modified into many versions.  You can make the robot work using the remote controller and with the instructions. There are lots sensors that can detect obstacles and it will respond if it sees one. There are some holes around the robot that leaves kids to attach other parts too. The lights and the sounds will bring a great experience for your kid.


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