If you are not too much fan of the calculator app on your smart device you will be able to go for a solution from the internet. The most important thing you need to remember is that you must be looking for plus options in the app you are going to get for your device. Though your calculator on the smartphone is a regular and an outdated app, it can assist you in most of the occasions for sure. Some apps contain too many ads as well as some hidden agendas on the app stores. Here are the best calculator apps that can be used for several occasions.

Calculator Plus Free

This app is one of the most downloaded apps on the internet as it has been downloaded by almost a million users. The most impressive feature regarding this app is the user interface it has. It has got a similar interface to a classical calculator. This is not a scientific calculator. That is a thing you must remember when downloading this app. This app can easily be downloaded and it is ready to use in an instant.

Calculator by Google

The classical calculator app published by Google is such a typical app that can be installed onto your mobile. It can do basic actions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. If you want a user-friendly as well as a simple app that can assist you in a short time, this calculator app will help you. If you are wondering if this app is capable of doing scientific calculations like trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential functions, this app will do them for sure. You can create a shortcut in a second, and you will be able to get access to the app in less than a second.

All-In-One Calculator

This is one of the best apps that can be used to do the calculations. It has been published by CalcKit Productivity. This app has been used by almost 10000 users and the rating that has been earned for this app is 4.8 stars. If you are needing a change for the typical calculator app you use, this will be the best choice you have got. The theme of this app is simplicity. It can be used just after it was downloaded from the store.

CITIZEN Calculator

This app is brought to you by Everyday calculator and this app has become the best choice for most of the users. The importance this app has earned is the user interface it has. If you can recall the first memory of a calculator when you were a kid, it must have connected with a citizen calculator for sure. The user interface of this app is wrapped up with the typical Citizen theme and it will take you back to many decades for sure. This app has got all the typical calculations as well as something specific and realistic than a calculator. This app has got the features like autoplaying, percent calculation, Memory calculation, Price mark-up & mark-down calculation, Constants calculation, Number formatting (Decimal and digit-grouping) as per device locale, total (GT), and Check and correct.

 Calclc (Calculator)

This app is another calculator app on the AppStore that can be downloaded for free. If you are looking for a change for your typical app, this will have to be one of your choices. The impressive thing regarding this is the ability to see on a large scale. If you are tired of seeing through small numbers, this will be a cool calculator app for you. Also, you won’t have to bother about the buttons as well. The size of the buttons is large. Then it is really easy to handle this app for an older person who cannot see small letters.

Generic Calculator

This app is presented by Merewood and considered one of the best generic apps in the stores. This app has got a very simple user interface and you can find numbers and tools pretty easily. Even if you want to copy the number to the clipboard, you are not allowed. But, this app allows such actions. Also, you will never run out of digits as the display can show you up to 10 digits. So, this is a fine calculator app in the AppStore.

Scientific Calculator Free

This app is something better than a calculator. This app has got some special features like Linear and polynomial equations, Trig, log, exponents, Complex numbers, Bitwise operations, Fraction calculations. If you intend to find a calculator app with scientific features, this will be your choice. You can either download the free version or the ad-free version for your mobile. Another thing that favors you is the ability to rotate the interface.

Scientific Calculator 995

If you are looking for an app that has got all the scientific calculations. This app will have to be among your choices as it has got all the features that a scientific calculator needs to have. The developer states that this calculator can function 76 calculations as well. This app is brought to you by C3O studio. The rating that has been owned by this app is 4.5. the impressive thing about this calculator app is the interface of the old aged scientific calculators.

Calculator by HD Camera

This app is brought to you by HD Camera developers. There are several features that you cannot see on a calculator app. The very first thing is the sound that makes when touching a number or a key. You can set the noise of the piano as well. If you want to play a song when doing the calculations, that will be cool. Diablo calculator user interface is always good in a calculator app. If you want to do something in a quick time, this will have to be your best choice for sure.

Calculator by Uppertext

If you have to go for the simplest calculator app on the AppStore, this app will make you happy. It has got very few features and the user interface has been designed in a minimalist style. As the developer states, a calculator has to be a quickly usable instrument and you should be able to use the calculator within a short period. That need has been well-understood by the developer and all the features have been designed for the ease of use. You can work with this app with one hand as well.


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