There are lots of viruses in the world. There are few categories of viruses that vary from their characteristics. Some of the viruses collect your all personnel data and send to the hackers while some of the viruses use typical conquering methods. Here are 8 of the world’s most dangerous viruses that made to delay your works.

Code Red

This virus is also known as the Bady. It was found that this virus has been created by a Chinese. It was first discovered by two Americans in 2001. The main attraction of this virus is the internet browser. There haven’t been so much virus activities in that particular time period. This virus had the usual behavior of the viruses, replicating itself. It needed a huge volume of its infected computer’s space to launch its agenda. Then an attack was committed by Code Red virus.  That attack spread up to the Olympus, White house. That was the very first hugely infected virus in the virus history.


It was found in 2009 while it was trying to attack the industrial networks. Most of the networks fell down within few hours due to these attacks. It is believed that this a co-operated mission launched by the defense forces of Israel and the USA to terminate the nuclear programs conducted by the Iran. Even though this is called a virus, first it acts as a worm that tries to sneak in to the systems. After that process is completed, it starts its agenda. That was how the entire systems worked in 2009. Its main targets were oil stations, drainage systems, and industrial things.  This virus was identified because of the replicating .exe, .sys, .dll files in the hard disk. It used flash drives to spread through the devices.


This was a virus that had been found in 2004. Though it had damaged lots of computers as a worm, the publisher is still unknown to the present day. This virus spread through the emails in an accelerated rate. If someone says it is as speed as the ILOVEYOU virus, that’s correct. The designer of this virus had made this to get to the access to huge companies like Microsoft, Google, and DDOS. As soon as the virus is in progress, it creates backdoors to the remote controller who is waiting to get the data they want. It was revealed that this operation had been conducted by Russian computer hackers.


This was also a virus that had brought troubles to the Windows computers. This is one of the latest Trojan horse viruses that encrypts all of your files in a locker. So, you will have to pay a ransom to the hackers to get back your files back.  Hackers had forgotten to create an option to prevent the system restore process. So infected computers could be restored and most of the data was recovered using the restore process. If a computer user had agreed to give a ransom, he would have happened to give $400-$500 to get his files.

Yatron Ransomware

This is also a latest ransomware that has been created to steal your data. It encrypts your data and asks 4100 to give back data. It uses EternalBlue and DoublePulsar exploits to spread through the other devices as well. You are given 03 days to pay the ransom they ask. Unless you make a paymet, they will delete the encrypted files. There are few ways to avoid these things. Having a backup for the necessary files, not downloading unknown files, updating the virus guard, and not opening emails from unknown senders are few things you can do to avoid these viruses.

 Astaroth Trojan

This was seen in 2017 for the first time. It was targeting almost 8000 networks in the world. People who lived in Europe and Brazil were seen as the victims of this virus. You will not be able to see the threat even after it is in the system. It comes and asks for the ransom in a sudden.  Astaroth Trojan had infected the computers using malicious links and emails. Many things cannot be recommended to skip this virus. If you use an extra layer for the security of the computer using 2-FA, you will have a chance to survive. Also, you can use an extra drive to store your necessary data.


Even though we use a computer at present with an updated virus guard, it won’t be enough to stop the viruses. As the hackers use different tricks to create them. When comparing with the greatest virus created before 2002, a normal kid-made virus can compete with that. Because, the technology is well developed. GoBrut is one of the best viruses at present. Even the best virus scans can’t detect it or see it coming. This virus has been designed to steal data as well as passwords from the websites. It can adapt itself according to the situation.


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