There are lots of things you need to concentrate when using a computer. The privacy and the security of the computer can define if you can keep doing the regular things or stop the things you were doing straight away. Because, if the security and the privacy factors are blown and exposed to an unauthorized party, you will have to begin lots of things from the beginning. Here are the latest steps of computer viruses you need to take precautions. If you ignore these things, they will not just crash your computer but destroy most of your things.

Emotet Malware

Computer hackers are becoming smarter day by day. They had send emails to scare you few years ago. But, they are using the greatest fear nowadays, the Corona virus. They are using this threat against you. They are sending spam emails to the people in Japan stating that they are forwarding some important factors about the corona virus. As soon as you open that message, you are exposed to those hackers. There is just one thing to avoid this virus, to avoid clicking the link in the emails and have an updated virus guard to check the emails before opening.   If you open that link, it will activate several codes and commands that can cause lots of troubles to you.  The most important factor is that the virus in contained in a document.  

Ryuk Ransomware

This is one of the cruelest ransomwares of all the time. This thing has caused lots of troubles to the leading companies in the world. First the hackers have stolen the data from those companies and then they ask ransoms for those stolen data.  Enterprise environments are being targeted by this malicious virus. This virus is spread by the emails and the receiver will find an email telling there is a document needs to be opened. That particular email is named as RyukReadMe.txt which is shown when the virus is activated. The most important thing about this is the text which lets you know the things to do and not to do. You are restricted to turn off the computer and ask for the help from a virus security institute. This virus encrypt the files using RA-248 and AES-256.

Cyborg Ransomware

 This virus is also called AIDS. Once your computer got infected, it is so hard to recover the files. This virus belongs to the Trojan Horse Virus category. That means, it doesn’t let you know that it is in your computer until it achieve its tasks. There is a file in your computer saving the details about the number your computer has restarted. That file is replaced by a file created by this virus. After all the details were extracted from the PC users, hackers move on to the next stage where they ask for ransoms. There are several versions of this virus. The latest update has been found on a fake version of the Windows 10.  Any solution has not been as a solution for this virus. The only thing you can do is to be aware of the consequences of the fake products.

CryptoMix Clop Ransomware

This is one of the most complex viruses in the world that has been introduced by the hackers. The impressive thing about this virus is the selection of computer networks instead of single computers. It selects them for the ease to steal lots of data. Also, it is easy to find weak points in a network. As soon as an individual makes an error or a mistake, the hackers can enter to the whole network. The very first thing they do after having the entry is to terminate some of windows services and the antivirus. Then they start digging and find the important or necessary data for you. After your computer was hacked, there’s nothing you can do to avoid that, as this is connected to a whole network. Usual thing like shutting down, restarting, and disconnecting like things don’t work the usual way. Also you will not be able to decrypt the files when they are encrypted by this CryptoMix Clop Ransomware.

B0r0nt0k Ransomware

As you know these types of viruses are being used for the monetary purposes. These things come to your computer using cloud servers, flash drivers, cracked softwares, and emails. This virus was identified in February 25th, 2019 for the first time. This virus has been designed to sneak through the Linux operating system. If your computer is a Windows computer, you will also have a risk to get it infected as they have gone through the Windows firewalls as well. There are few things that can be noticed once a computer is infected. The startup setup and the registry entries change as the first symptom. 20 bitcoins are requested by the hackers to decrypt the files they have encrypted. If you don’t pay, they will delete those files forever.


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