The law of attraction has been a thing that most of the people are looking for at present. It is not a strange to the people who live in Eastern countries. Though it has passed several centuries since tis theory has been revealed, there was not a huge interest among people regarding this particular topic. This trending topic is referred by lots of people from the search engines. Even the books that have been written many years ago, are being popular among the people nowadays. Though it is called the law of attraction, it can simply be explained as the law of nature. That’s not a much simple thing. But, the progress depends on the way you do it.


This is a thing related with our minds. It is a known factor that Western people are behind the physical development. What they do is to find things with the proofs and state that is science. Then they use Science to create new things and find answers to the existing problems. But, there is a religion in Eastern countries, especially in South Asia and China. It is the Buddhism that teaches about the development of the mind. That religion has taught about the mind as the most powerful thing in the world. It is taught that our thoughts make who we are and it defines what we will get. That teaching has come to the present day with a new face.

What is LOA?

It is some kind of teaching. It is taught that we have to believe in something to achieve things. As an example, if you believe that you want to become a pop star, one day you will become a pop star. Even though it is a positive or a negative thing, it doesn’t matter. If you take negative feelings to your mind, you will get negative results. It doesn’t mean that you are not going to succeed in negative things. Only negative impacts are the things you get. There are lots of things related with the power source of the law of attraction. Some people say that it is a supernatural thing or a mysterious thing while the rest believe it is a thing that can be explained with the Science we know.

An example

If you are a student who is 13 years old, you may have different ambitions. Let’s have a look at being a doctor. You want to be a doctor. Then what you need to do to become a doctor is to believe that you are almost a doctor. You are the number one student in the class. This feeling and the impression has to be carved into the deep of your mind. Then, it happens for sure. You can call it the universal power or another thing.  But, it happens one day. The most important thing is to give positive feelings to the mind about the ambition, the goal you have.

Is it real?

Yes, it is real and it has been proved by lots pf people in the world. There are scientists, celebrities, politicians, writers, and people in all the fields who have achieved things. Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Albert Einstein, and Jima Carrey are few of the examples to those who have achieved their success through this amazing thing. There are lots of things behind their life styles that are related with LOA. Many quotes and books can be found from the internet, if you are believing in things.

The science of law of attraction

Law of attraction is neither a supernatural nor a mysterious thing. There are people who still believe this is a thing given to the good people by the god. But, they can’t define properly what happen to the people who keep producing negative thoughts. As you already know, there are two main parts for the brain. They are pre-conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind. The pre-conscious mind is the one we use. It has got a huge capacity to do our day to day work. It thinks and helps us to do our work. But, it goes to sleep when we do the same. Then after it wakes up in the morning with us. Unlike the pre-conscious mind, sub-conscious mind doesn’t come to the stage. But, it sees and hears everything we see and hear. It has stored all of our things since our birth. It takes a rest when we die only. It thinks and manages the necessary things for us to achieve in the real life. That’s what our sub-conscious mind do always. If we start to think that we have to achieve a special thing, it processes the data and find the most convenient way to achieve that. But, you have to remember that implying that to our sub-conscious mind is the most difficult thing.


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