Many topics arise in day to day life as we can see. Most of them are regarding the technical stuff. People wake up every day thinking that each day will make a difference to the world. Here are the best trends that can be seen in the world.

AI( Artificial Intelligence )

Artificial Intelligence is not a different thing to humans as the entire future world will depend on it. Even though you are an adult or a newly born child, this topic is familiar to you. Even though you have no idea about the progress it has owned, Ai has travelled a long distance along the path. At present we can see lots of self-thinking machines and systems. Autonomous cars are the best examples you can see. The car has the ability to reach a destination even though you are asleep. Addition to that, there are lots of applications of the AI. There are apps, programs, computers, virtual assistants and many live samples for that.


The 5th generation of the connectivity is almost on uor hands. It will give us unlimited speed of download and upload functions in the internet. There are already some phone brands who are working on to include 5G compatibility to their phones. Though it’s a bit early thing, Samsung Company has already started sending their phones with 5G availability. It’s a surprise to know that 5G has not even been introduced to the world in commercial expansion. However, it will take few years to reach this service to our phones for a reasonable price. Then after many things will be much easier like 3G and 4G did.

Autonomous Vehicles

This is such a thing that people have been looking for many decades. Though their intentions are to have talking cars, the technology cannot achieve such primary things. But, Science has taken the mankind to a far that earlier people never thought of. There are cars that can run without petrol and diesel. That is also a victory they have earned. Even at present, there are autonomous cars that transport people from one place to another. That became a popular topic among people because of an accident happened in United States. So, it means that this industry has got a long journey to go. If the things going on, go for a decade, you will be able to sit back and relax in your car until it reaches to the destination.

Predictive Medicine

This is such an impressive topic among people. There are few scientific explanation behind this trending topic. If you have taken medicine for a disease, that might be for cough, fever, and cold. If there are any other disease that you have to suffer from your genetically background, you will be able to find an answer thanks to the latest technology. As a human or a living being, you have a future history to be written, all of them are written according to your genetically background. So, if you can read the inheritance of your, you will be able to find medicines for the disease than the diseases come to you.

Nano Technology

This is such an important topic that can be applied to many fields. There are lots of things to talk about this. There are Nano robots, Nano medicine technology, Nano industrial things and many. If you have a disease or an infection, your antibodies will have to fight against the germs. This technology can be used to fight against the germs with your antibodies. This is such an interesting thing that can be seen. This technology can be used effectively for the HIV as the antibodies can’t fight against that virus. This thing will have some kind of proper progress in this year.

Cyber security

This is such an important thing despite its trending. Lots of viruses can be seen in the internet. Ransomwares, Trogenhorses, and Malicious programs can be seen in the internet. You must have a safety option to stay secured against these things. Many positive actions were taken by the OS developers to avoid these threats. It is expected that there will be new options for the users to keep their own safety for their computers. So, let’s hope we’ll see much better things in the future rather than having memory consuming virus guards.

Virtual Reality

It is not a strange thing to see 3D movies at your home. But, when considering that with the recent past, we can see that having the ability to watch a 3D movie using a VR box is a victory. There are lots of signs to see more new things to the virtual reality. Though a video is shown in a 3-dimensional background, it doesn’t mean that people can have a much better experience. So, new things will conquer the future even in the virtual reality.


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